A UAE travel guide for everyone

This is a legendary paper drunken fan, a “local country” where luxury cars are everywhere, many people have turned around here, but time is enough to take a quick look at Burj Khalifa.

Many people think that only local tyrants can afford this country. I don’t know that there are 3 liters of gasoline, 100 days of car rental, 5 large chicken drumsticks, 18 chicken legs, and even a 3-hour cruise seafood buffet. It’s just a block (all in RMB), not to mention the good-looking and cheap museums.

It seems that this is only a country , but according to TCC standards, as long as a car and 3 days, you can add 8 countries to your life list , do not need a visa for the whole process!

This is a place where Uncle believes that all travelers are worth spending at least half a month here !
Because: No matter what you like, here is enough for you.

Dubai, the center of the world

Saying that Dubai is the “center of the world” is by no means open. In the range between the Western Europe and the East Asia, if you want to find the most representative modern city, there is no second choice except Dubai.

In fact, Dubai is not even the capital of the UAE. However, Dubai is the most thoughtful place for tourists in the entire UAE, the Middle East and even the whole world.

Do not believe that you go to see, know the long-awaited @ Dubai Tourism Bureau, directly answered hundreds of questions about Dubai tourism, and sent more than 20 dry articles full of Raiders, not for hype Not for powder absorption (today only poor 700 powder), only to answer the doubts of every visitor.

Thanks to their painstaking efforts for decades, there are so many ways to play, there is nothing you can’t think of, no one can’t do it!

Want to go to heaven?

Burj Khalifa’s 124-story observation deck, the highest in the world

Helicopter tour around the city, the price of 1000 pieces, compared to many cities, just a fraction

Still not addictive? You can also jump from the sky above Palm Jumeirah!

Want to go to the sea?

Night tour of Dubai Creek, pick up by car, full buffet, plus song and dance performances, as long as 137

Atlantis Water Park, Palm Island, let you have enough water activities

The Lost Space Aquarium must be the most exotic aquarium you’ve ever seen. Touring the whole journey, as if you are in a giant game scene

Want to ride in the desert?

The off-road vehicle desert sand, let you feel the roller coaster ride in minutes… with a desert barbecue buffet, sand surf, camel ride, cabaret show, car pick up… all add up, as long as 200

Even if you want to ski in the desert , here you can meet:

Ski Dubai ski world, probably the most exotic ski resort you’ve ever seen

In fact, there are some in Dubai, far more than these “large-scale entertainment.”

Throughout the giant shopping malls, you can’t finish one day:

The world’s largest display in the Dubai Mall

The carefully arranged museums of various colors, most of the tickets are only a few RMB:

Tired, take a taxi on the Dubai Creek water, 1 dirham (1 RMB 7 RMB) is enough:

Bored, just feeding the pigeons, no, seagulls:

The Dubai you see is actually only a small part of her. You will not believe that this waterfowl paradise, desert oasis, is also part of Dubai:

Even in the other corner of the UAE, there is a small enclave of her, which can be reached from the Dubai bus. What you see will be the traditional style of such an Arab village:

However, each of these buildings has been carefully restored and displayed:

Louvre, Abu Dhabi, who says the older the museum, the better

Compared with Dubai’s reputation, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and the most affluent “local country” Abu Dhabi, always seems a bit lonely. The huge mosque built at $5.5 billion, despite its immense majesty, can be considered a pity if it is missed:


As a big brother in the United Arab Emirates, how can I be willing to be robbed of all the limelight by my younger brother Dubai? So you saw the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, a museum that opened only three months ago.

The 30-year right to use the word “Louvre”, the local country spent 525 million dollars to buy, you can imagine how luxurious it will be.

In addition, they also spent 700 million euros from France to invite a professional management team and 300 rare treasures to be exhibited here:

Here, you can see for yourself, close contact with countless masterpieces and treasures that have only been seen in art books and Sotheby’s auctions:

In fact, apart from the exhibits, the museum building itself is a unique piece of art:

The museum’s list of “this life must go” has since been added.

Enjoy the perfect self-driving paradise

As a country with low prices, the UAE ’s price related to self-driving is low:

As an oil-producing country, as long as the oil price of more than 3 yuan per liter , it seems that there is not much to show off.

However, the prosperity of the car rental market gives us the lowest cost to explore this country :

In the @rent rental car, the UAE’s cheapest hatchback sedan is only more than 100 RMB/day, even if it is an SUV, it only costs more than 200/day (both inclusive). The driver’s license, the actual test as long as the Chinese driver’s license + English translation is enough!

The country covers super-flat and wide roads, car culture is popular, and free parking spaces are easily found in most places.

Therefore, our trips in the UAE are almost entirely done on wheels.

I can drive on the car and discover that there are people who are far more than we can…

The beaches of Sharjah, these two trucks like the Intercontinental Missile Launcher, are actually European RVs! What kind of experience will it take to drive this car from Europe to the UAE?

7 emirates + “Oman”, this is everything in the UAE

As the “United Arab Emirates”, there is not only the Emirate of Dubai, but also the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The seven emirates that you call or are not famous are the ones here.

Among them, Abu Dhabi occupies more than half of the country’s mountains and rivers, and also has a mini pocket, and accidentally drove through it.

If you drive hard, you can wear the seven emirates once a day. However, it is still recommended that you take 3-5 days to carefully visit Dubai and the United Arab Emirates outside Abu Dhabi.

For example, Sharjah , this is hidden in the emirate of Dubai. The Aquarium + Maritime Museum here, as long as more than 30 RMB (children have half price) can go shopping once!


There is also Ras Al Khaimah , located in the northernmost emirate of the country. You can drive from the seaside to the highest peak of the UAE, at the top of Jebel Jais at 1,934 meters above sea level.

The most peculiar thing is Madha in the Emirate of the East Coast of Fujairah . The town is surrounded by the UAE, but it is a real Oman territory. No visas, no inspections, you can drive directly to the car, only the Oman flag fluttering everywhere reminds you that you have entered another country.

Even more amazing is that in the enclave of Madhari, there is still a village in the UAE: Nahwa – yes, this is the world’s few double enclaves that you can personally visit .

Want to experience the feeling of crossing the border four times in an hour ? It’s right here!

When you circle the UAE, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that according to the standards of TCC, the “country” you have been in this life has actually been a full eight , and you have not even had a visa!

United Arab Emirates Tips:

Visa : Chinese passports are exempt from visa for 30 days and can be accessed with a passport valid for more than 6 months.
Transportation : There are direct flights in several cities across the country, such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Sichuan Airlines.
Climate : Tropical desert climate, hot summer (but indoor air-conditioning); winter temperature is also above 20 degrees, the most suitable for travel.
Safety : Public security is very safe, and there is no problem for girls to walk alone. Medical conditions are good but expensive, please buy travel insurance in advance.
Taboo : Although it is a Muslim country, because of the internationalization, supermarkets sell pork, short skirts on the street, low-breasted, dressing diet is almost no taboo.
Price : Accommodation is more expensive (Dubai double room is the cheapest about 400 RMB including tax, the condition is equivalent to domestic Samsung), dining and travel activities vary in price, from luxury to civilians.