Seven days in Irkutsk to see the Lake Baikal, and it was an AMAZING trip!

[First day to Irkutsk / Green line]


I remember the first time I met with the city, which lasted 5 hours flight from Moscow to Irkutsk, walked out of the airport in the cold rainy morning.

As an important regional airport in Russia, its construction can not match the name at all. Before 2009, both domestic and overseas travelers will be using a terminal building built in the 60s. Domestic arrivals will even have to drop into the arch-side buildings.

Even now, this is a very small airport. Its international airport is even shabby and scattered than its domestic airport, with no more than two or three boarding gates. Just after 5 am, the outside is still Gloomy sky gave me a sense of repression in the former Soviet Union, unconsciously hold his breath, shaking his headphone line, standing next to the conveyor belt, quietly waiting for my luggage.


Here, to remind you remember to keep your luggage, is generally attached to the back of the ticket barcode sticker, the Russian airport will check when you pick up your luggage.

I was unable to find my luggage when the staff was around me. I was confused for hours on the plane, still in a semi-stupid state, standing with my backpack in place until all People have gone away, the two Russian aunt finally waved his hand, put me and my luggage left.

Out of the airport, sparse light rain outside, scraping the cold does not belong to this season. I was wearing short-sleeved shorts, now the airport entrance was stopped by a taxi shouting uncle. Passing over their heads, looking to the distant empty deserted roads, dull dark weather, there is no doubt that at this time the node, the bus is not likely to have.

As a girl who travels alone, I do not really want to hit a black car. For the time being, I will not mention the issue of safety, that is, the price they go to the urban area for 500 rubles. It also makes me feel like I’m a fat man in their eyes. sheep.

Helpless search for four weeks, has not yet found any formal taxi, airport information center people can not speak English (on this point, I still have a lot of want to Tucao), had to return to the airport gate, saw a few black car Driver’s smile, my heart suddenly burst frustration.

Tired of tongue (and cellphone calculator) talked about the price from 500 to 300, I got into an uncle’s car. In the next few days I discovered that there are both left and right drives in this city, but local people seem to have long accustomed to it.

Cold fog on the window, rain outside the window with Siberian unique air-conditioning, uncle drivers on the road with deafening music, behind the trunk lid and can not be buckled, with the body sizzling sound.

When I went to Hotel Irkut, I would like to explain to everyone that there are basically two ways to get a taxi in Irkutsk: first, they stop at a hotel or at a place with heavy traffic, directly The second is to call the car, there are many taxi companies, and the specific phone number can be found in the hotel. Of course, only the Russian service (smile), so I basically let the hotel front desk to help call the car.

I left the luggage at the hotel and took the famous green map at the front desk. I started my first day of travel.

About this green line, in fact, it is a real, and it is sprayed on the ground with the line, with it, you can walk almost all the attractions.

The first day can be familiar with the city while playing along this green line.


In the cold wind teeth for an hour, and finally could not help but hide in a 24-hour restaurant accidentally found some Russian traditional dishes, although only the Russian menu, but fortunately each dish is equipped with pictures, Price is also cheap, but unfortunately do not remember the name, according to the impression on the map marked the location, opposite the Kirov Square.

The dishes are also more Russian, such as dumplings dipped in butter

Dumplings and dumplings in China are basically the same,
so when eating suddenly want to dipped in vinegar and chili oil …


Another example of this traditional Russian pie, the epidermis is crisp, which is full of meat, meat lovers must have a single product.

The only dish of darkness that was shocking at the time was the soup, like some of the coke-flavored cherry-flavored soda drinks with beef and water radish slices, cucumber kernels, and sprinkled fennel. Can experience it.

The city is small but quiet and beautiful.

The tour was a bit tired all day, returned to the hotel, set the next morning 9:00 Olkhon Island ticket, it fell into a deep sleep.

[Next day to Olkhon Island / Nikita Hostel]

Breakfast at Subway in the corner, sitting on the bench in front of the hotel waiting for the arrival of the bus.
About an hour later, the car was slow to open over the period of boredom I repeatedly asked the front desk, was finally told,
“Now you are in Russia, so you have to wait.”
Although not understand the logic of what, but also considered Have a basic understanding of the efficiency of Russia.

All the way really bumpy, I sat in the last row a few times have been thrown to the ground to grope to find a seat …
About a few hours later, we arrived at the ferry terminal, where our car to be sent to the ship.

When the boat came to the side walked around,
actually unexpectedly found a group of cattle in the lake, in the
past to take a 讪 …

From this moment on,
you can see the beautiful and mysterious lake of Lake Baikal

Probably I was running and jumping, next to a puppy I also took all the energy Pidianpidian followed me

Finally the ship came, the
car came up one by one,
we also rely on the side of the boat to feel the breeze of Lake Baikal.
As the boat progresses,
I have countless expectations for the upcoming beauty …

Car to the island to move forward,
soon to Nikita Hotel.


This is really famous, I spent about half a month before booking, and they can only order through web pages and emails. In my experience, it is best to fill out the reservation form on their website, and then Wait patiently because they are really ineffective to respond to and respond to in a matter of days.


Just enter the door, I know, my hard work and not in vain.

Wood structure of the room.

I set a courtyard room,
the door will be able to see the elegant little courtyard.

When the color is still early, I will leave the luggage out.
When passing the canteen, I saw a little black cat.

Turn right after going out to the hillside,
is the most famous shaman stone Olkhon Island.


Have to say that this hostel is really occupied a treasure



Here is the seabird’s paradise

Breathing the fresh air of Lake Baikal on the grass

Here to see the sun slowly downhill

Seeing the sun is about to fall,
then got up and walked toward the direction of shaman stone


you are mysterious and clear

Walk in the cliffs of the road to
see this lonely lake

Seeing Shaman Stone at a
Glance Seems Suddenly You Understand
Why It Will Be One of the Most Important Places of Shamanism


The sun finally settled down, go back to the hostel to eat in the canteen.
Accommodation here includes breakfast and dinner, will give you a note at check-in, with that one can go to the cafeteria to eat.
The above will state the time of breakfast and dinner, I vaguely remember breakfast is 9:00, dinner is 7:00 start.


Yes, at 5 o’clock you can book the next day’s trip directly at the hotel, I signed up the most classic north line.


[Sunrise and sunset on the third day]

Set a six o’clock alarm clock, get out of bed without brushing teeth did not wash your coat and went to the lake, because the weather forecast says sunrise at 6.4 o’clock.
(Sunrise and sunset time can be directly on the network search, place names + sunrise / sunset)

Remind you to go out in the morning to wear a thick coat, the
picture on this coat is that I arrived in Irkutsk on the first day was cold after the Siberian cold madness bought in the local one of the largest shopping mall Trendy Quarter bought.

Favorite morning sun yet (violent magic film ha ha)

From the hillside down is a bay,
or I call it Lake Bay?

travel day suggest that we wear pants,
do not wear skirts like me, is
really a big failure,
even if the female man as I also all kinds of inconvenient.


Your car will look like this

Your driver will be your chef for the day too

Your lunch will look like this

Fish caught from the lake boiled into a pot of delicious soup


With fresh sandwiches


the landscape you meet will be like that


Even so

It will be like this

And like this


After returning from the evening,
do not miss out on the opportunity to see the sunset.

This beautiful sunset definitely blow your mind.

[Day 4 Clear Lake and Peak Cafe]


The summer of Lake Baikal is really nice,
though I know it is famous for blue ice.


Enjoy a Russian sunbath at the sandy beach here.

Come here for a walk on the soft beach

Let’s feel the breath of Lake Baikal in the clear lake


By the way, do not forget to go down to the most famous hillside restaurant to taste their desserts. The level is totally beyond my expectation, and my wife is so delicious.

Favorite cinnamon apple pie, outside is a layer of soft creamy sweet cake, which is baked apple slices and a variety of berries, sprinkled with a layer of icing sugar, plus a spoonful of ice cream ….

Raspberry cheesecake, the whole sweet and sour whole raspberry with soft cheese, the top of cookie crumbs plus the sweet taste of the top taste ….

This is not only great desserts, great scenery, occupy the highest point, from here you can see shaman stone and the bay, many foreigners will be here to sit quietly for an afternoon.

Its name is Baikal View Cafe,
is also worthy of the name.

Inexplicable sigh, I really can eat

Go back to the front desk at 4:30 pm the next day return ticket, they have a total of 4 time points to choose from, probably more than 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, the specific has not been remembered clear.


[Return to Irkutsk on Day 5 / Meet Rolling Stones Hostel]

I think, if I say, Russia’s journey, what is the most
memorable to me, I would not hesitate to tell you Rolling Stones Hostel.

It was awesome here. I did not know what language I could use to express my excitement. If you live in a youth hostel only in this life, come here.
Even after I returned to China, friends I met at this hostel came to see me for a trip together. We all agreed there could be one of the best CYTS in the world.


They are out of airbnb above the top,
and only 80 yuan per night.

A door can be seen next to the side of the shoe

First encountered Anton at checkin

Whether it is on the tip of the jar

Or a serious paste on the kitchen refrigerator

Can feel everyone’s deep love here.

The kitchen will often have other small partners provide free food marked,

Other things are completely free, kitchen utensils are complete


One of the wonderful things that day was when I met Russian boy Vasya

Goed to a bar next to the library, the bar was good, rated high on the tripadvisor, and of course the bartender was handsome.

It is also rare for bartender English to be a good bar

You can go to Lenin Square to drink beer at night with your new friends

If it is late at night,
you can choose to go to the subway across the square to eat


Vasya help me to take a taxi back to hostel,
really still have to call a taxi company,
really miss our Uber and drop a taxi.


The general flow is to call to tell them your location, and then they will license plate number to your phone, about 4,5 minutes, the car will be able to.


[Day 6 Irkutsk’s daily routine]

Get up in the morning, yawn to get the refrigerator yesterday to buy milk, accidentally found next to put a bottle of the same.

Take a look and said it reads “I had wanted to buy a bottle of milk, but the result was bought this product, which is not milk ah, we arbitrarily executed it”

Well, taste is not really Milk, more like milk plus soda, but fortunately taste good.

Bring a bowl of breadcrumbs, and take some berries from the free basket next to it.

Fast hand breakfast skills get!

While eating breakfast brushed know almost, turned around to see next to the leaders from all over the world are also holding a cell phone to enjoy themselves.


Carrying a backpack to walk to the legendary center of the market, the results began to enter a small commodity market looking for a long time did not find the building, when the soon to give up, found next to the building is the real vegetable market

So when we went to search the map on the central market in the past Do not enter the building, to see more next to be able to see.

Noon or lunch with the Russian brother Vasya, went to a Domino’s domino pizzeria, just across the square.

The price is super cheap, eye 20 yuan to eat full.

Although there are also Domino’s domestic, but the dishes are completely different,
recommend the following two pizza, I remember one is chicken mushrooms, the other is mixed with meat.


Afternoon or in accordance with the green line shopping city, back to the hotel after the night met the same girl from Thailand traveling alone Siawjern.

Travel is the way to know different people, and then your life intertwined, the occurrence of a different story, this is the so-called growth of it.

[The seventh day of Lythvi Younganka / riding]

About going to Listvyanka, we can find the station behind the central market.

Specific to that passers-by can ask directly, said Listvyanka on it, we will be very enthusiastic to guide you.

The minibus body will read the Russian name of Listvyanka, it is clear that you can see.

Fare is 120 rubles, the driver can get on the train.

About an hour or so will be able to get off after getting to the right, can find a small tourist information house, you can go inside to get a free map.

On the road you can also see the legendary Santa Claus “elk”


You can also rent a mountain bike here.

Encounter the car can follow the route to go, it is recommended to ride back along the lakeshore road, the scenery is beautiful.

Bicycles can be thrown on the grass wherever they pass

Walk along the path to the lake

Feel the water of Baikal lake

Friendly appearance,
rent a mountain bike met from Argentina Carlos

Yes, one thing you can not miss before starting to ride.


That is the local fish market! Fish market!

This is the largest local specialty market, and
many are coming to Listvyanka for these delicious fish.

The same day when you get off the car by car, tickets or 120 rubles.


Day 8 Irkutsk / Leave

This is the last day in Irkutsk, and the night before I met a new friend in a hostel, Japanese girl Matsushita Yu.

That day I went back to the hostel, made myself a simple sandwich, sitting on a chair, eating Instagram.

The picture is a traditional Russian black bread slice, cheese, two apple rings and a cherry.

The kitchen was very lively that day, watching a young American couple doing their dinner there, and I was eating my sandwich next to it.

At this time, came back from outside a dark-haired girl, looked up and saw her, the first reaction, the Chinese? Japanese? Korean?

There quietly looked at her, she came running around to clean up for a while, finally sighing on the sofa looked around.

When I saw someone chatting, she was a bit embarrassed, as if I could not get through. I stood up and walked over and said I went shopping next to the supermarket. Do you want to join?

In fact, I just finished dinner, no need to buy, just saw her suddenly remembered the original oneself.

When I asked English, she naturally responded to me in English.
She’s like being rescued, nodding, then ecstatic, you’re the first person to talk to me, it’s really good, my English is really bad, do not mind … She made a particularly exaggerated expression.

The two of us walked on the way to the supermarket and talked and smiled all the way. She said she now lives in Tokyo, this time with a classmate, and was “abandoned” at the hostel because the guy lived with his Russian boyfriend …


In the supermarket where a lot of things to buy,
she asked me on the way back, how do you like South Korea … …
I was, whattttt?
I said, I am not a Korean, I am Chinese …

She was shocked and screamed, I thought you were Korean, why did not you say that I could speak Chinese ah ah ah my Chinese is much better than English !!!!

Both are a look of collapse …

Yu う sauce is mixed with Chinese, so she grew up to speak Chinese, a matter of course, then we both directly in Chinese, she is also a look of relief …

After returning she was like a change of person, smiled and kept saying, but also took me to eat her to buy cheesecake and roast beef.

The next few days in hostel simply want to play crazy …


Early the next morning,
we took a map marked with a terminal and set off. Because just walked to the pier just pass by the Russian small brother Vasya stalls, so just lunch together.


Or Domino’s pizza that store, after entering the left is to sell pizza, the right is similar to MuMu kind of Russian ordering fast food restaurant.


This restaurant is very common in Russia, mostly Russian traditional dishes, go in after what you need to do is to take a tray next to, and then pointed to different dishes or staple food to tell Sheng aunt what you want, and finally to the side Checkout, at the same time take a spoon and the like. This form is a bit like a university canteen, but also a bit like Jiahe Yipin breakfast form.


This restaurant prices are more cost-effective, about twenty or thirty can eat well.


The cup of strange things in the picture is all kinds of dried fruit, taste a bit like red dates tea.


In the dock to eat ice cream while looking for a boat, had to admit that the Russian ice cream cake ah ah like ah genius is delicious …

Boat an hour to and from the pier

Will pass by the Moscow door, the weather is really beautiful


Accompanied by Yu sauce to the supermarket to buy some vodka as a gift to a friend, two people holding a pile of vodka bottles in the supermarket was the eyes of all Russian Uncle.

For products brought back to the family, recommend a vodka in a small bottle, but remember that according to the customs regulations, you can not drink more than 2 liters of alcohol. There are 250ml vials in the supermarket, which looks very delicate.
The other is a little girl’s head chocolate, a lot of supermarkets, different appearances, many local people to buy.


In the hotel where Vodka put a table,
in fact, holding beer is haha


I and ゆ う sauce are 1 am aircraft to Khabarovsk transfer, and then I flew to Kamchatka, she flew Japan.

More than 10 pm, her friend’s Russian boyfriend drove us to take a few to the airport.

Here to say, Russians really drive really fast, and then will be in the car loud (emphasis) rock, loudly to what extent, sometimes walking on the road, the car next to the drive in the past , Can feel a strong impact on your eardrums … taxi will be like this …

At the airport, the Russian boyfriend smiled at us and drove the car directly to the VIP entrance.

Russian boyfriend helped us with luggage, went directly to the VIP counter,
I dragged me to the ground with the chin behind, all the way stunned.


The airport next door is the lobby, a lot of people lining up, but this room is not a passenger, only a Russian flight attendant to help us print the ticket, I will continue to work hard to remain calm.

Until the Russian boyfriend took us to the airport lobby, walked behind a free computer, several of our luggage thrown directly onto the conveyor belt, press the button after the trunk went in, ah! I finally crazy, shaking the shoulders of ゆ う sauce “Who is this person in the end who ah .. !!!”


Of course,
in the end I did not know the true identity of that mysterious boyfriend …

In this way, we flew this small town on the shores of Lake Baikal.

After six hours in the cafe in Khabarovsk Airport I finally went to the next flight, so
after the security gate hugged each other in Russia.


In the meantime, my trip to Kamchatka slowly kicked off …


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