How does it feel like when you sleep in a Durian Farm?

It is not unreasonable to go to Malaysia this time. Cheap, delicious, and no language barriers(for us) , this Southeast Asian country has become my preferred destination for family travel. “Going to a warm place to spend a holiday, Beijing is going to be cold and dead in the past few days.” This is the only instruction my mother gave me.

In the end, there is no country that is more in line with my expectations than Malaysia. What’s more, Beijing direct flights to and from Kuala Lumpur only cost more than a thousand, the local car rental is only one or two hundred a day, eating is cheaper like no money.

Of course, what I said to my mom is: “The flight does not have to stop, it is very comfortable in six hours… and considering the taste of the adult, the Southeast Asian cuisine is more suitable… and, many people Can speak Chinese, there is no obstacle in language, you can play more smoothly, not…”

After the decision, I am ready to go, and I don’t need to apply for a visa in advance. Malaysia’s ENTRi is basically equivalent to visa-free. I can pay 160 yuan on the official website to fill out a form. I can print it out at the time. It saved the trouble of running a visa and saved a lot of heart.

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This Malaysian article is my record of traveling with my mother and Luke this winter.

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Trip planning

Taking the family is still based on comfort, simply renting a car, running from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and then back, playing a loop.

Although it is the right rudder, it is not difficult to drive the car. It is necessary to pay more attention when turning. It is very embarrassing to enter the opposite lane.

[Our Malaysian National Car Proton]

Before the departure, I made a lot of Raiders, and finally decided to follow the simplest basis of the “Kuala Lumpur – Ipoh – Penang” route.

Kuala Lumpur’s modern city with garden views

The spires of the tower, the mosque of the big dome, the dazzling Indian temple decoration, the incredible Chinese temple, the skyscraper-lined skyline, the avenue of the eucalyptus canopy – this is Kuala Lumpur.

We are not the first time in Kuala Lumpur. As the base camp for Southeast Asia, almost everyone will come to play a card for the Twin Towers.

Some people describe the Twin Towers as a silver lightning in the night, straight in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. The traces of the rapid rise of the metropolis are vividly displayed here.

The 88-story twin tower is the tallest twin tower in the world, with a height of nearly 452 meters. The sparkling shape is impressive.

What many people may not know is that watching the Twin Towers is not as close as possible. The best location for shooting is actually hidden at KLCC Park in Kuala Lumpur’s Central Park.

[Photographed from the artificial lake in the park to the complete twin towers]

Bird Park / Botanical Garden / Deer Park

Our main destination in Kuala Lumpur is Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur. Bird Park is located on the west side of downtown Kuala Lumpur. There are more than 3,000 birds, about 90% are native birds, and 10% are imported from Australia, China, the Netherlands, Indonesia, New Guinea, Tanzania and Thailand.

The most important thing is that all the birds here are free to fly outside, instead of being held in cages for people to visit.

[walking between a strange group of birds]

Here, there are not only the white cranes that are filled with flowers, but also the herons that run around, even the peacocks that are high on the week. At this time, they also face each other with tourists. From time to time, they brush their own feathers to show off.

[Indian Blue Peacock]

Bird Park Restaurant recommends:

There is also a hidden restaurant at the entrance to Bird Park called Hornbill. On the restaurant terrace, you can see the birds flying in the park, the scenery is very beautiful.

【Restaurant Terrace】

Recommended local Malaysian dishes such as Laksa Laksa, fried noodles and seafood soup, all taste great. There is also freshly squeezed juice in the restaurant, as well as the whole big coconut.

Such a restaurant of attractions must be very expensive. Wrong, the three of us, when we finally checked out, actually spent only a hundred.

Visiting the deer in the deer park

The fact that Deer Park is free to visit gives me no reason not to come here.

The trails in the park are very carefully crafted, and taking into account the convenience of the tourists, a whole circle has come down and just finished the tour.

The lush greenery surrounds the park and inside, even at the noon of the hot sun, it does not feel unbearable.

[Deer in the deer garden]

The park is mainly a mouse deer. The mouse deer is the smallest ungulate in the world and a famous animal in Indonesian and Malaysian folklore.

The bird park and the surrounding area are really highly recommended and can be spent a day here. Especially with family travel with children, it is a very special experience to get in touch with small animals!

[There are inexplicable little creatures]

Here, I would like to boast about KLOOK . The driver and our mail confirmed the pick-up time and place one day in advance. I arrived at the hotel door on the morning of the same day. After arriving at the Bird Park, I also helped to collect the tickets.

Event Booking Method : KLOOK Road Travel App Search “Birds Park”

Cheap Durian Fruit Market Chow Kit Market

The Chow Kit is one of Kuala Lumpur’s most popular local markets. On the narrow passage, hundreds of stalls are filled with meat, fresh fruit and freshly caught fish. The dry area is like a color and Aroma kaleidoscope. This is a vibrant and culturally rich scene.

As the city develops, new and modern replace old and broken. Traditional markets in Malaysia and other parts of the world are gradually disappearing at the expense of the rise of high-rise buildings and shopping centers. The Chow Kit market is one of the few markets that has stood the test of time in the Malaysian capital.


Choosing cheap local fruit is the biggest reason I came here.

Under the sun, the market is covered by oversized colored umbrellas. In the open-air booths, there are endless varieties of fruits, from red pointed rambutan to yellow-colored pineapples, full-flour longan, aroma-scented bananas, and low to people. Unimaginable price.

[passionate vendor]

In Kuala Lumpur, I have never found a place to buy cheap and cost-effective fruits. The fruits in the supermarkets near the hotel are imported. It’s so expensive that I can’t help but doubt the price of Malaysia until I see the price here. I just want to hug the durian and never leave.

[Forty dollars bought two big boxes of durians to eat to tears]

Useful tips for Kuala Lumpur:

1. There is a free public transportation system GOKL in the city center, and the HD map can be retrieved by “GOKL”.

2. It is recommended to use the taxi software Grab at the airport. It is more cost-effective for two or more people than the subway system.

3. Mobile phone network cards are sold at the airport, and many families can choose.

I booked it directly on the KLOOK road trip and got it when I got off the plane. As long as 38 blocks, it contains 7 days of 15GB of traffic.

How to book: KLOOK Travel App searches for “Kuala Lumpur Call Card”.

Ipoh an old town combining art and cuisine

When it comes to Ipoh, many people think of its white coffee. This cohesive and historic town has been on the list of the best destinations in Asia in 2017.

Ipoh is divided into two new and old towns on the banks of the Kinta River. The exquisite colonial buildings are side by side with the crumbling kedai kopi (cafe shop), where street art and food are well known.

In this faded city, the colonial buildings have been in disrepair, and Ipoh has become a literary dream in the time-wearing neighborhood.

But just after the time has been polished, art cafes have gradually appeared in ancient houses, and centuries-old buildings have become the new homes of restaurants and hotels.

Visitors can see contemporary street art, traditional cafés and colonial masterpieces in a street space.

New Street Mural Mural Art’s Lane

This is the back lane of a new city, where there are more works of art than anywhere else in Ipoh. Unlike street art in the old town, travelers don’t need to search for art everywhere – they are all drawn along the walls along an alley.

Some were painted two years ago and have faded, and new ones are still growing.

Old town coffee incense floating on the historic streets

[Ipoh Old Town]

Lost paradise enjoying the summer time in the rainforest

In fact, I didn’t expect too much from this water park at first, but when I stepped into this tropical rain forest, I was shocked.

[wearing in a tropical rainforest in a swimsuit]

Not only do you have a variety of exciting water adventures, they also have a mini zoo! There are a lot of furry little raccoon pony bunny inside! (A heart is instantaneous)

You can also touch and take pictures at close range.

[What is this ghost that has been going to my camera?]

At 6 o’clock in the evening, the hot spring pool will be open, and various hot and cold springs run through the park. The favorite is this infinity pool overlooking the rainforest.

[In the evening, in the infinity pool, hot springs]

How to book: KLOOK Travel App Search for “Lost Paradise”

Gourmet recommended sprouts chicken

One food that must be tried in Ipoh is chicken bean sprouts (sprout chicken), which is a representative dish of the old street in Ipoh, Malaysia. This dish features chicken, bean sprouts and shahe powder (or rice). Serve on the table, not on a plate.

[Sprout Chicken]

What we ate was actually a sprouting chicken without sprouts. Because the business in the store was so good, the time we arrived was too late, so the sprouts were actually sold! Finish! Now!

After eating, I feel that the word is slippery and slippery, and the smooth-sliding chicken can slide directly into my stomach along my throat. Wrapped in a thick sauce, I couldn’t help but bite my tongue.

In fact, Sprout Chicken has a lot of stores in Ipoh. There is absolutely no need to go to those famous shops that are popular on the Internet. Just a small stall is enough.

Store Address: Sanma Sprout Chicken Rice 3, Jalan SA Lingam, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

Three-dollar Kunlun Wave Leisure Park in Guilin

This is called Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang  , a 15-minute drive from Ipoh Old Town.

This is a leisure park that is very popular among locals but not known to tourists.

There is a park sign on the top of the jungle covered hill.

Here you can take a boat trip to explore the mountains and rivers.

Can be intimate contact with ostrich monkeys.

You can also pull the grass to feed the deer.

The lake is very beautiful, surrounded by faint green plants, and even the turtles are coming out from time to time.

The boat floated on the lake, and the mountains on both sides were like Guilin in the deep.

It is incredible that the ticket is only 3 yuan! The park itself is completely free to open.

Penang taste buds and art carnival

Discovering the fascinating Penang with its natural beauty, architecture and street art is known as the jewel of Malaysian culture and tradition. In the once glorious moment of Penang, as a trade center for decades, merchants brought green tea, spices and fabrics from China to Penang. Now, in the light of the new era, Penang is as precious as the treasures hidden in ancient times.

Impressive is the hustle and bustle of the culture here. The Chinese temples of Little India, the mosques of Chinatown and the cinemas of Western-style skyscrapers and shopping malls are mixed and glittering on British colonial buildings.

Just stepping on this land, first of all attracted by the strong style of this ancient city.

Confused in the chaotic streets and narrow alley labyrinths, the shivering shrines of the past are decorated with various paper lanterns, and shops selling Indian spices and tricycles are everywhere.

Little Indian street food

Little India is full of cheap restaurants, and you can eat a meal for about five or six. Curry and banana leaf dishes, different flavors of North and South India, these stalls make people feel like they are in the land of India.

【Little India】

In addition to authentic roast meat, briyani rice, and chicken curry, this street has numerous sari shops and dazzling spice paving.

Have a drink in the dirty street of backpackers in the evening

The Love Lane at night is a social place frequented by foreigners and Malaysians.

[Love Lane]

As a place where various bars gather, this is a hippie paradise, a sacred place for backpackers.

We walked along the popular Love Lane, once home to wealthy Chinese immigrants, but now it has become a hot spot for nightlife. There are many cocktail bars and cafes that can run on the streets until the early hours of the morning.

On Christmas Eve, the whole street is full of boiling laughter and toasts, chatting with each other. Because foreign backpackers have the upper hand, the English is mainly in the ear.

[Christmas night]

Indulgence taste buds at night market

The nights in Malaysia are often surprisingly hot. On a hot night, my cheeks are bright red, and my hair sticks behind my neck in wet sweat.

My friend took me to Shantou Street. The most famous “Four Great Kings” are on this street, very close to each other, almost next door.

The four kings of the person are: the emperor’s chicken feet, the right to remember the duck porridge juice, the four fruit soup, the fried clams.

[Right record duck porridge juice]

Koay chiap is a popular snack in the Chaoshan area, with pork sausages, pork, pig ears, pig scalp, etc., with rich marinade and rice stalks like Dingbian.

【Eating four fruit soup】

The people around us are chatting loudly, and the sound of the metal scraper striking the aging metal pot sizzles throughout the night. The air is filled with a hundred different culinary odors and the mature scent of the infamous durian.

I really come here to eat, but it is an atmosphere, how it tastes, and it varies from person to person.

Be sure to prepare, maybe it is a strong stomach.

Playing hide and seek with street murals in Penang

In addition to history, the local street art of Penang itself has become an attraction. Visitors can get a map from the Penang Tourism Centre for an art treasure hunt. Georgetown streets filled with these interesting work on, try to look for on the road.

[French murals]

Hang yourself in the world’s tallest building challenge outside the tall buildings

This is an event that was just launched in 2018 and has become the world’s tallest outdoor high-rise challenge.

On the 65th floor of the Everbright Building, The Gravityz is a training ground that hangs ropes outside the tall buildings to overcome obstacles.


The Komtar Complex is the tallest building in Penang and the tallest building in Southeast Asia.

On the 65th floor, you can see the scenery of Penang through the glass window. There will be some special landmarks on the glass window. There is also a section of the floor that is tempered glass. You can walk barefoot on the glass walkway and clearly see the foot below the foot. The traffic is very busy.

The Gravityz consists of six projects called Confidence Path, High Bench, Great Bridge, X Point, Z Wire and G Rocky. Participants wear helmets and ropes so they can easily move through the airways without any hindrance while ensuring their safety.

The most exciting moment is completely off the deck, sliding from the side of the building to the other side, the whole person is like Spider-Man.

[Under the body is a hundred meters high]

[The people in the building are stunned]

Event Booking Method: KLOOK Road Travel App searches for “Penang Everbright”.

Penang Tips:

1. There is a free bus in the city to take. The Travel Information (Travelwithmolly) replies to “Penang Bus” for free.

2. The ferry between the island and the North Sea (that is, the strait on the map): It is free to return to the North Sea (Mainland) from the island. It takes only one or two dollars to go to the island from the North Sea (Mainland).

Durian Park living on the top of the mountain

As a durian fan, spending the night at the Durian Farm is one of my life’s dreams.

Imagine: sleeping sweetly in the cabin, the evening breeze whispering through the cracks in the window, listening to the crash, the dumb of the durian falling from the top of the head, then waking up in the morning, a mature through the window The aroma of durian…..

The Baosheng Park visited this time is a large durian farm on the top of the mountain, located in the southwest half of Penang Island. The owner and his son Zhiwei are here to take care of the business.

At the time of check-in, Zhiwei took me around to visit and introduce. The reception’s terrace overlooks the entire durian garden and bay, and there are some glass pots for coffee tasting on the wooden table. It is a very emotional boss.

In addition to the wooden houses we booked this time, they also have a large wooden house for the family, with their own private pool.

We are one of the two-story wooden buildings. What makes me most heart-felt is actually the floor-to-ceiling windows facing the hillside.

You can reach huge leaves when you reach out.

The young Shi Wei is still a carpenter. He took me to visit his work room upstairs. Most of the furniture in the farmhouse was built by himself.

[Zhiwei’s various furniture for this durian garden]

Every year during the durian ripening season, a net is placed under the durian tree. The ripe durian falls from the tree and happens to be caught by the net. The cracked husk reveals soft and delicate flesh.

[Tall Durian Tree]

It is a very romantic thing to watch the sun gradually fall from the branches of the durian tree and leave a large soft shadow in the room.

We walked along the durian garden before sunset, and there were still some little durians hanging on the trees. I could even smell a strong smell from an old tree.

Tips: I want to get the owner of Zhiwei’s younger brother WeChat, the durian timetable, arrive at the transportation mode, and reply “Durian” in the background.


It is especially clever that the friends circled the first two days and saw a lot of friends in the travel circle went to Malaysia with their parents this winter. Sure enough, it is a travel destination that everyone agrees with.

In short, if you are traveling for the first time or traveling with your family, or if you want to save your budget, then Malaysia is definitely the most suitable country.

My first trip abroad a few years ago was to come to Malaysia. Nowadays, the world has driven dozens of countries and traveled to become the most important part of life. Everything is just a blink of an eye.

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