Is it really safe to travel alone?

“It is a very happy thing to be able to go out for a trip.”

Someone asked me, how can you have the courage to travel to various countries? Don’t you worry about security?

Of course, I will worry about safety. Needless to say, if a person travels, even if two people are not safe to travel, three people are not safe to travel, and a group of people are not safe to travel.

Nothing is absolutely safe, and it is still a matter of high challenge.

But in fact, the probability of danger we may encounter in our own cities and other cities is almost the same. It is possible to meet a thief, or it may collide. You can sneeze at home and sneeze.

Although the outside world has unpredictable dangers and opportunities, life is not afraid of fear, nor is it at home to let the day-to-day monotonous life drown you.

If I can’t talk to people in other countries, I can’t eat strange foods I have never eaten, I can’t blow the wind of different tastes at the beach, and leave the colorful nutrients, which will become my biggest. Dilemma.

Be prepared for security issues, have a fearless heart, and leave it with you.

Next, let’s explore how to prepare for security issues:

1. 人身安全

The content of the article that the last generation of people specially sent to me belongs to this category: for example, a trafficker sells a black market organ transaction and is sold as an X slave… although we do not rule out that this happens on our own head. The possibility, but in fact many similar articles have no news basis.

In addition, personal safety includes such as terrorist attacks, robbery and wounding. The probability of such a thing is small, the damage is high, and the way to help is:

1) Avoid places with large crowds.

For example, Paris, France, Nice, this is a gathering place for half of crimes. I have heard that Chinese tourists have been robbed of money in France, and eight of them are here.

Moreover, places with high traffic are also the target of terrorism.

[The tourist area with a large flow of people should be alert to thieves. Photographed in Estonia. ] 2) If you don’t have money, you don’t have to show your money. Don’t bring a lot of cash out.

Foreign ATM machines are everywhere, and the convenience of withdrawing money is no different from that in China. Many bank cards (such as Nanjing Bank and Chongqing Three Gorges Bank) do not charge fees. Other UnionPay cards are only worth more than a dozen dollars. There is no need to take risks for the province.

Then the usual supermarket shopping can be paid by credit card, the province’s wallet.

3) Avoid night travel.

Despite a few years of travel, a person or a friend. I almost didn’t go out after dark, unless I was accompanied by a local friend and I made sure I could walk back alone.

Don’t go to drink in the unfamiliar place at night. If you really want to drink, go home and have a few drinks with your father.

2. 交通安全

Airplanes, buses, buses or self-driving road safety is always a big part of family care. Some time ago, there was an incident in which the Icelandic bus crashed into a car, which was very distressing.

[A railcar that overlooks the city. Photographed in Spain. ] 1) Familiar with local traffic rules, especially those who drive by themselves.

Into the roundabout to let the car around the island, usually follow the right car first, the STOP sign stopped for 3 seconds, someone on the sidewalk must stop to let go, these are different from the domestic, must be remembered.

2) Reliable travel insurance.

The domestic X-life X insurance should not be considered first, and the action power after the accident in foreign countries is basically zero. Travel abroad, especially long-term travel abroad, you can consider Allianz, Meiya travel insurance and the like. It is more expensive but more secure.

3) Lock the door/car door.

In fact, I think this article should be placed in the part of personal safety, but since it happens mostly on transportation, I will talk about it here.

I have heard about the incident of stealing valuables from people in the same compartment or in my friends in some countries, especially in Russia and Europe.

There is also parking in big cities, and people who pull the doors directly to grab things.

This shows the importance of locking the door/car door.

3. 住宿安全

Sometimes I can see reports like hotel crimes. So mention the accommodation problem, European towns generally do not need to consider this issue, need to consider accommodation security, big cities, or dangerous areas with high travel challenges: Africa, India and so on. Generally speaking, if you choose expensive, if you choose a good location, the problem will be solved.

[Pool hotel in the Sahara Desert. Photographed in Morocco. ] If you want to save money at the same time, you will need:

When choosing a hotel, you should avoid the poor scores (the score is more reliable from Booking), it is best to choose more evaluations, and see if your evaluation has negative content.

If a person is traveling, choose a convenient transportation, not the kind of wilderness.

I go out alone, I am used to living in the Youth Hostel. If a girl lives alone in a hotel, it is always weird and no one can chat (I am a big talk).

The choice of the Youth Hostel is the same, find a good evaluation, look at the picture is clean and tidy, avoid the night bar area, lest some European and American people get back all night.

Girls, I still recommend the room of Single Gender instead of the mixed room. I like to socialize and communicate with everyone in the public area during the day. When I sleep at night, the little girl is more practical (and there is no particularly strong foot snoring). ).

4. 财物安全

1) Money and documents are open.

My passport was sealed in a sealed bag and placed in my pocket, so I was not afraid of even falling water.

The credit card is stuck in the phone case. Generally, you can take a mobile phone when you go to a supermarket.

A small portion of the cash is placed in the pocket at any time, and the rest is placed in the inner compartment of the carry-on backpack.

Documents that are not used during travel, but may be used, such as driver’s license / various translations / passport copy / ID photo of this important document, I also sealed the bottom layer of the backpack in a sealed bag.

[The various things in the backpack are layered, and the least valuable things are placed on the top. ] PS: Sealed bags are very useful things. I once put my backpack in the cabin of the aircraft cabin, got off the plane and found that the water in the bottle of another small boy next to it was sprinkled inside. My backpack was completely immersed in water and sealed. The bag saved all the files in me.

2) If you live in the Youth Hostel, remember to bring the lock.

Many of the Youth Hostels will provide you with a storage box, so that when you go out, you can lock up the valuables that you don’t want to bring (that is, those that are expensive and heavy… like the computer Ipad…). The lock needs to be taken by yourself.

5. 身体健康

Having a strong body can reduce travel a lot of trouble. I have hardly ever been sick on the road. Usually more fitness, more running.

1. Go abroad to take some of your usual medicines.

Because I have an allergic reaction occasionally, half of the medicine I take is an allergy medicine. The rest must bring: antipyretics, thermometers, gastrointestinal drugs, band-aids, heatstroke sickness drugs to see their own situation. To go diving, you can take the medicine that is inflamed with your ears. Add a first aid kit to climb the mountain. Remember to use the leucorrhea. I was smashed by the stone on the Great Wall. I just didn’t bring the first aid kit on the same day. I went to the hospital and sewed a few needles.

PS: Chinese herbal medicines should be taken as cautious as possible, and some countries have requirements for entry (such as Australia and New Zealand).

2. Dietary safety.

In some countries, tap water can be drunk, but in some places it is safe for bottled water. Street snacks are also considered for health and safety. If you are really brave enough to try, prepare a stomach medicine. Dietary safety in developed countries does not need to be considered at all, but it is necessary to do a good job in diet before going to India and small countries in South America and Africa.

[Super delicious egg tarts on the street. Photographed in Portugal. ] Disease 3. safety hazard area.

Some countries have malaria, such as the Papua cannibal I went to last time, need to vaccinate in advance, or take malaria drugs. Some countries in Africa also require different vaccination certificates when they go. If they plan to go, they can get an injection at the vaccination center in advance.


I will remember a little bit about the rest of the pieces.

1. Don’t worry about weapons such as wolf spray knives.

First, the spray class has a high probability that you can’t take the plane.

Second, if you give you a knife, you will not dare to swear. You will be robbed by the other party and will take you all at once.

In the face of big problems, the first reaction is to run the legs.

2. There must always be someone who knows your itinerary.

Don’t let everyone know where you are, so that even if you have an accident, you don’t know where to look for you. Change the place every day, send a WeChat, it takes less than a minute, it is much easier to send a circle of friends than to repair nine pictures…

3. Set up an emergency call.
There is a feature on the iPhone called SOS emergency contact. Press the shutdown button 5 times to automatically call the emergency call, send a message to the emergency contact and report the location.

Now you have finished reading this article.

Remember everything I said, then, let go of the phone.

The next time you travel, you still have an open and accepting attitude towards the world and all of you.

I object to the argument that the world is too dangerous to go anywhere, and
I am equally opposed to traveling without a simple face.

I don’t like to lose faith in the world because of a small group of bad people in the world,
and I don’t want you to be wary of everyone because of fear.


Enjoy your travel.


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